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When one at first becomes acquainted with Luigi Rocca, the man, one perceives a gentle and sensitive person, a quiet man observing the world around him. Initially one may not associate such a man with the type of art Luigi Rocca creates. However, as we get to know the artist better we see he derives strength from the subjects he paints and the objects he loves, just like we do ~ the people who are passionate about the art created by Luigi Rocca.

Rocca’s images literally draws you into each painting, only leaving the sounds and smells of Times square to our imagination.

Luigi Rocca’s style is called ‘Hyper-realism’. He adopted this style with one purpose. His goal is to capture the images and objects that have been transported from years past to the present through hyper-realism so that we can further relate to them as they are portrayed in a modern and contemporary style.

Hyper-realism freezes what we see for all time. We can possess these images forever.

One can see color is as important to Luigi as the style he has chosen and the subjects that he loves to paint. Where will Luigi’s work and visions stand in the test of time? Judging by the love of his work expressed by so many different art collectors, Luigi’s art will truly stand the test of time, just like the subjects that he captures so well.

The original paintings by Luigi Rocca have appreciated tremendously over the time Luigi has been painting. It is for this reason Luigi Rocca has embraced the world of giclees, so that everyone who wants to collect his art can afford to do so. The objects and subjects Luigi loves which are so familiar to all of us can now also be possessed by all of us.’


Peter Arnot BFA, Arnot Gallery   
Excerpt from "Luigi Rocca. Graphic Works", 2010


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