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Tras la búsqueda del sueño americano PDF Print E-mail

El hiperrealista pintor italiano admira la esencia solitaria de Estados Unidos reflejada muy bien en  los pintores Edward Hopper y Chuck Close. También a escritores como Jack Kerouac y Tennesse Williams. Sus vistas aéreas, retratos y pinturas de comedores reflejan a un artista inquieto que trabaja con fotografías y adora la tranquilidad de su atelier en Venecia.

The perspective of Luigi Rocca's American art dealer PDF Print E-mail

When one at first becomes acquainted with Luigi Rocca, the man, one perceives a gentle and sensitive person, a quiet man observing the world around him. Initially one may not associate such a man with the type of art Luigi Rocca creates. However, as we get to know the artist better we see he derives strength from the subjects he paints and the objects he loves, just like we do ~ the people who are passionate about the art created by Luigi Rocca.

A Conversation between Rocca and Vicki Arnot PDF Print E-mail

A shared conversation between Luigi Rocca and Vicki Arnot at Arnot Gallery.

New York and Surroundings: The Urban Landscapes of Luigi Rocca PDF Print E-mail

An Exhibition in the Ghetto

This show is built upon the careful observation and analysis – the ‘vivisection’ – of American cities, of large metropoli with their glittering chrome skyscrapers, their frenetic traffic and huge advertising hoardings that dwarf the pedestrians beneath them.

Luigi Rocca. City Views PDF Print E-mail

Luigi Rocca at San Diego: Seeing, Looking by Petra Schaefer Andreoli


Luigi Rocca.The hidden eye of the artist PDF Print E-mail

Interview by Arch. Veronica Balutto

A troubled, reserved spirit, sensitive and tireless: an artist who prefers to watch without being seen. A master of hyperrealism: recreating an image on the canvas with such maniac accuracy that it looks more real than reality itself.


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