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01-02-2004 / 28-02-2004

Personal exhibition of Luigi's art at the Galleria Civica "Leonardo da Vinci" in San Donà di Piave, Venice.

Luigi Rocca's New York is the mythical metropolis which has been incredibly silhouetted on the eyes of every European starting from the sixties ever since. Dizzy buildings, oversized cars, garish colours on advertisements and on the American flag, typical corners with their whimsical habitual visitors, yellow cabs passing by.

It is the metropolis reflecting in a shop window or the one opening out behind the windows of a bar and it is the city of a souvenir photograph trying to seize in no time a place and a feeling.

Luigi Rocca reveals New York through a painting learned from the American Hyperrealists, who refined in the sixties a technique of reproduction on the verge of mimetic illusionism. In his paintings art and photography overlap as well and the artist considers the latter a means to rebuild the reality, without limiting the pleasure of painting freely.

Vibrations of colours and touches of light fray, in fact, his views, leaving our eye to reconstruct them, like in front of an impressionist painting or, paradoxically, a "pictorialist" photograph. It is actually from the city-scapes of the Impressionists of the end of the nineteenth century like Grimshaw, Eakins or Caillebotte, that Rocca has drawn the best lesson and reason for his creative force. His painting, like theirs, expresses a urban emotion breaking into with surprise and longing.

Elisa Capitanio - Translated by Annalisa Moro

From: L'impressionismo Iperrealista, Luigi Rocca. Multimedial catalogue of the exhibition.



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